Testimonials from Dr. Joe’s students

He measures the success of his work by the results it achieves… by the positive changes that these unique methods bring to the lives of his students!

On this page you will find a collection of inredible real-life stories! These transformations happen to people who regularly “do the work”, meaning that they meditate regularly and apply the teachings of Dr. Joe in their lives.

At the Bonn 2017 Advanced Workshop, Dr. Joe invited Rita onstage to talk about the healing she experienced during the week. Rita was dealing with the aftermath of surgery and chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. After only a few days, she was delighted to find that her lesions were healing very rapidly, she regained mobility in her paralyzed arm, and she also discovered that her eyebrows and eyelashes were growing back. Dr. Joe then talked to the group about how those “miracles” occurred because Rita changed the way she felt and thought, to become greater than her diagnosis.

In 2017, after years of worsening neurological symptoms probably caused by an untreated spinal injury, Nancy was diagnosed with cervical stenosis. She underwent a laminectomy on C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7, but the surgery resulted in Nancy waking up as a quadriplegic. Nancy’s daughter and 2 month-old grandson helped her make the decision “with firm intention” to live, to heal, to learn to walk again.

She listened to Dr. Joe’s audio books and YouTube videos, over and over again, viewed the Progressive online workshop, and practiced the meditations daily. By the time she attended her first live event, in Portland, she was walking unassisted — fully functional, and completely joyful.

Loredana was born deaf in one ear. She was advised by medical practitioners that her auditory nerve had been damaged while she was in the womb and that there was no chance of her recovering her hearing.
After reading one of Dr. Joe’s books, she became convinced that the condition could be reversed and tells the story of how she has now regained full hearing.

Salah started the Malta retreat with very low expectations, but ended up healing a 26-year condition characterized by leg pain, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, confusion, and debilitating fear of these symptoms.

15 years ago, Victoria was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which causes severe issues with digestion and elimination. Then a doctor prescribed a colostomy bag…which happened to coincide with the release of What the Bleep Do We Know, and Victoria suddenly felt hope that she could heal. She changed her life completely, and healed by eliminating everything in her life that might possibly trigger a return of symptoms. But eventually she wanted to go on with her life – she married, and they had a baby. When her daughter was 10 mos. old, Victoria went into the hospital with life-threatening issues. She survived, and then started over…again. This time, she dived into Dr. Joe’s books and meditations.

Natalia describes how meditation is helping her to learn about herself, to love herself, and find a new level of gratitude for her stressful childhood.

Liska tells the story of how she healed from breast cancer.

Matthais made his Mind Movie the week before attending his first Advanced Week Long Retreat, with great care and focus. He was delighted to find that the scenes in his Mind Movie happened, in some way, during the week of the retreat.

Two marvelous stories, from one extraordinary being, of making the impossible… possible!

Jessica struggled with depression, but it didn’t get critical until her father and brother both committed suicide in the same year. She considered suicide herself, but tried antidepressant medications and PTSD counseling instead. A friend told her about Dr. Joe, and she immediately completed the online Intensive and Progressive Workshops before attending the Berlin Week Long Advanced Retreat. She has fallen in love with meditating– and with life — and is starting a non-profit organization in honor of her brother Justin, called Just In Time to Save a Life.

Cherie’s hearing was getting worse over the years…until she started studying Dr. Joe’s work and practicing the meditations.

Christine was invited to the stage during the Malta Retreat to tell her story: Christine doesn’t remember feeling healthy since she was about 6 years old. 5 years ago she contracted a virus called chronic internal shingles, and Christine became painfully sensitive to her environment. This sensitivity made attending a Dr. Joe event especially challenging…but she overcame her symptoms and went all-in, finding relief and a new hope for a better life.

In 2017, Dawn was diagnosed with colon cancer, which had metastasized to her liver. She had surgery to remove the tumor, and also underwent an ostomy procedure. Dawn then had 6 rounds of chemotherapy, and also had surgery again to remove part of her liver. More rounds of chemotherapy followed, and a year later she seemed to be in remission. But since her cancer marker numbers kept increasing, Dawn had an MRI, and they discovered cancerous lesions on her liver and abdominal peritoneal. She then decided to give meditation a try, and she went on a healing journey of combining daily meditation with minimal doses of chemotherapy. Through meditation and learning Dr. Joe’s work, she discovered the underlying thoughts that led to the disease.

Brian has extreme muscle weakness, and has a history of breathing difficulty. He began doing Dr. Joe’s meditations about 15 months ago, and as a result started experiencing an improvement in his strength and mobility. He applied for, and received, a Give to Give scholarship to attend the Mallorca Advanced Week Long Retreat. After one of the Coherence Healing meditation sessions during the retreat, Brian regained some mobility and strength in his arms.

Marilyn struggled with several major health issues for most of her life: immune (or IgG) deficiency, depression, and allergies. Medications did not help her, and her condition deteriorated over the years. Meditation also didn’t help her at first, but she began meditating again after being introduced to Dr. Joe’s work and reading You Are the Placebo. She attended an Advanced Retreat in 2017, and participated in a Coherence Healing session as a healee, with great results. When she returned home, she still had a lot of work to do on her healing, but she persevered….and is now making a big difference in others’ lives. NOTE: Marilyn mentions being involved in the Deer Healing community — Dr. Joe’s retreat participants have formed many healing groups over the past 2 years. They meet online (and sometimes in person) to participate in group healings of individuals. They are honing skills while, in some cases, achieving amazing results.

Nancy had a blood clot in her leg that moved to her lungs, and had to be hospitalized to dissolve the clot. After telling doctors that she had a family history of blood clot issues (“Factor 5”), they said she needed to be on blood thinning medications for the rest of her life. She began meditating regularly, and she also attended the June Cancun and the Toronto Week Long Retreats. She got her blood re-tested after the two retreats, and doctors could not find evidence of a blood disorder.

After attending a Progressive Workshop and applying Dr. Joe’s breathing and meditation techniques, Jeff was able to completely stop taking medications prescribed for his low blood pressure, low energy levels and depression.

After years of dealing with worsening auto-immune issues, Kimberly finally realized that her problems might be a result of leaky breast implants. She had them removed, but still had severe food sensitivities. Kimberly learned about heart coherence, and learned about Dr. Joe’s work…embarking on a journey of Becoming the embodiment of health and well-being.

… and there are hundreds and hundreds of other testimonials!